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Apparently the toy companies think Wayne Knight = Jeremy Renner.

5 Absurdly Badass Action Figures of Unlikely Characters

#5. Dennis Nedry (Jurassic Park) — From Obese IT Guy to Ripped Dinosaur Hunter

Nedry’s nerdy (we see what you did there, Jurassic Park) glasses have been replaced with cool shades. His shitty windbreaker is now a fashionable green turtleneck sweater with ’70s cop-style shoulder-holster. He comes equipped with a “tranq-spray gun” instead of diabetes. But perhaps most baffling is the fact that Nedry now comes with his own pet dilophosaurus — the same species that murdered him in the movie.

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I had this toy, it was awesome!

Had that shit too never realized he was suppose to be Newman lol

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